Feature on CaniBeat.com

its been awhile since anything has been posted but this needs shared.
Look for the feature comming in S3 magazine this month.

Debut soon!

I know that the blog has again been lagging in content. However that is due to it being two weeks till Import Alliance and the need to finish the car. We should be doing a shoot of the track EK pretty shortly after it is finished. There are some small things being finished up and waiting to recieve our splitter and diffuser from Top1. As soon as the aero parts arrive the car will be shot for a full feature here on the blog. Also we plan on having plenty of coverage from the Import Alliance event and may be attending the Wek Fest event in Chicago if we can ever get a date for it. Stay tuned to the blog in the next few weeks.

Eibach 2011 coverage

Well this is my coverage from Eibach 2011, there is not as many car pics due to the fact I was out there to enjoy myself and hang out with Charlie and Top1 USA. So here is coverage of the ride down Saturday and the event Sunday.

Here is a shot of Loi Song of SportCar Motion fame, Loi has become a personal friend of mine and I hope that he makes it out for Import Alliance this year.

Morgan Jade’s engine bay, couldn’t get a full shot due to all the people around it and the creepers bugging Morgan, hey guys listen up, it really creeps a lady out when the first thing you say to her is “I have a picture of you up on my wall at home” use some sense guys.

Big Mikes engine bay, another car thats hard to get a picture off. Spoke with Mike about things other than cars and the guy is good people. If you ever meet him try to talk to him about things other than cars I am sure he appreciates the break.

The Checkered Sports real deal RHD SiR EG. The car was recently in Honda Tuning Magazine so you can find all the info on it there.

Well it was time to go back outside after the rain, alot of cars I got shots of outside are ones you wont see alot of online, I tried to get pics of quality cars that arent your well known “baller” cars.


Nissan and Honda

Thought this picture captured in Japan was pretty cool.

Eye Candy part who knows

Figured I would share some more Honda eye candy today, I know the blog has been slow at that is due to the track car being put together right now. After the car is back together there should be more posts and also due to getting my personal computer up and running again. Anyway enjoy this installment.









Not Functional

While attending Eibach with the guys from Top1 we noticed this car on the way to the event. Various comments ensued from inside the truck, followed by more at the event. I do not understand why anyone would think this is functional. Splitters have been made out of plywood for a long time in grassroots racing, however the quality of those have been questioned, however look a lot better than this attempt at it. There is also a “rear difusser” on this car made out of the same low quality wood and with voltex decals. I am pretty sure the owner of voltex is not pleased seeing the name of his company on such a badly made attempt at aero.

Please people start spending money on quality aero products, and before you complain about cost and such realize that there is alot of R&D that goes into quality aero parts. You can now purchase quality aero from right here in the USA from Top1 USA. Remember that supporting companies from this country will in turn result in more events and more support of the hobby from the vendors here. It is OK to buy parts made here for your Japanese car.

This one is for Charlie

Charlie really like EA body style Hondas, so in honor of the man thats cooler than Chuck Noris here are some great examples.

High speeds in a one way tunnel

This picture was captured in a tunnel going into italy. The car is and early WRX mode that is set up for road racing. Check out www.speedhunters.com for the full story.

Random Honda Pics


RX-7 from Atlanta Import Alliance

Some of you may have seen this car at the Atlanta Import Alliance event. Its been awhile since I have seen an RX-7 that I have really liked. But this one is really nice and looks great.